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A novel online platform for management of non-motor symptoms in Motor Neurone Disease

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MiNDToolkit is a novel psychoeducational research platform

Developed to support carers in the management of behavioural changes in Motor Neurone Disease. We are currently investigating if this platform is acceptable to families and healthcare professionals. We are also investigating if we would be able to run a larger research trial to test the platform efficacy in supporting carers in the future.

Behavioural changes

Up to 50% of people with MND experience behavioural changes

Carer support

Behavioural changes are associated with greater burden in carers

Multifaceted platform for management of behavioural changes in Motor Neurone Disease


such as family members, friends, paid carers can have access to a personalized symptom management plan for the duration of the research study

Healthcare professionals

can access training for management of behavioural symptoms to support carers and improve their practise


monitor and manage the MiNDToolkit research study in the background


the MiNDToolkit brings together carers and healthcare professionals into one platform

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Our research team

Eneida Mioshi

Lead Investigator, UEA

Helen Copsey

MND Specialist, Norfolk MND Care and Research Network

Michael Hornberger

Co-Investigator, UEA

Lee Shepstone

Co-Investigator, UEA

Emma Flanagan

Junior Manager, Norwich Clinical Trials Unit

Polly-Anna Ashford

Senior Manager, Norwich Clinical Trials Unit

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